The system is available at and iPhone and Android Apps are also available for download from your smartphone. The free IOS and Android Apps can be downloaded from the website.

For support: email 


Error Messages Explained:

You are not connected to this outlet. This error indicates that you are trying to order a sandwich from a deli/store, but you have not updated your profile to link to that store. Go to your profile, then company pin, and then enter the delivery pin for the store and save the details. The unique delivery pin can be got from the store or a colleague. Then try to order again.

Currently there are no delivery times available for this outlet. Please try again later. This error indicates that there are currently no collection or delivery times available for this store, either for today or tomorrow. The store is probably not doing sandwiches dudirng this period of time.


How to use the System

Step 1: Register – Here you enter your details and an activation code is sent to your mobile.
Step 2: Activate Your Account – Use your email address, password and activation code to activate your account
Step 3: Order Your Sandwich – Locate your store, select your sandwich details and enter your collection/delivery time.


Collection Time and Deliver Time Explained:
Collection Time: Stores can allow people to pre order sandwiches and collect them from the store at a time that suits them best. There is generally a lead time on this, so be sure to order in time.
Delivery Time: Stores sometimes deliver to workplaces on a daily basis. If your workplace has a delivery service from a store, then you need to update your profile to be part of that delivery. This is done by editing your profile, and entering the Delivery PIN for that store. The Delivery PIN can be got from the store or one of your colleagues.


How to Register:
Go to and click the “Register Button” on the top of the page. Enter your details and “Accept” the terms and conditions. Once completed, a text message containing an activation code will be sent to your mobile phone.

Activating Your Account:
Click the “Login” page, and then click the “Activate Account” link. Enter your mobile number and your email address which you used during the registration process, and enter the activation code which weas sent to your phone. Click “Activate” and you are ready to place your order.


Order Your Sandwich:
Click the order sandwich link and find a store or town near you. Click on the store and this takes you to the available sandwiches for that store. Select your sandwich options and click next to proceed to the next options. When finished, select “Place Your Order”. Then enter your collection/delivery time and enjoy your sandwich.


After you place your order, you can make that order a favourite. You can then reorder this sandwich by going to Favourites, selecting the favourite and pressing the “Reorder” button. Simple ….


Previous Orders:
You can browse your previous orders and you can reorder this sandwich by pressing the “Reorder” button. Simple ….


Previous - Recent Stores:
You can also browse your previous stores to help you quickly find your most commonly used stores.


Edit Account:
You can update your account details here, but the mobile number cannot be altered, as this is the contact point between the store and yourself.
The “Receive Promotional Emails” checkbox, will allow you to receive promotional emails from the stores where you have shopped.
The “Receive Order Emails” checkbox, will send the order details to your email address each time you place a new order.



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